Element Mystic to take a break over 2021

The esports organisation will not be fielding any rosters across PUBG, LoL and OW.

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Korean esports organisation Element Mystic has issued a statement regarding its plans for the coming future. The team of which has been offloading its rosters recently will be stepping away from competitions across PUBG, League of Legends, and Overwatch for the course of 2021.

Announced in a statement written in Korean, and translated by Twitter used Beghorangi, the organisation starts with thanking its fans before revealing its intentions for 2021. It then follows on talking about the high and lows of the Element Mystic lifespan, before stating that this is not a farewell, and that Element Mystic will be back after 2021, in some form.

Element Mystic has become quite a well known organisation in tier-2 esports. Hopefully, this break will allow the team to come back stronger than ever, potentially even breaking into more tier-1 scenes.

Element Mystic to take a break over 2021

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