Counter-Strike 2

ElectroNic joins Virtus.pro

The decorated and former Cloud9 and Natus Vincere star has a new home.

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Virtus.pro has bolstered its Counter-Strike 2 roster with the addition of one of the most decorated players in competitive Counter-Strike. The former Natus Vincere and Cloud9 veteran of Denis "electroNic" Sharipov has joined V.P, all as a replacement for Nikolay "mir" Bityukov who has been benched by the organisation.

Speaking about the signing, V.P's CEO Nikolai Petrossian has stated, "Our CS2 roster is strong thanks to teamwork, a clearly defined playstyle, and the individual talents of our players. Transferring players with outstanding skills to improve specific areas is a common practice in sports. I am confident that Denis joining will give a powerful boost to the team in the upcoming challenges in Dallas, London, and beyond."

Expect to see this revamped V.P line-up in action at the ESL Pro League Season 19 in a week's time, and then ultimately at the IEM Dallas event in late May.

Counter-Strike 2

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