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League of Legends

Eleague producing introductory LoL documentary

Helping newcomers understand the game and its history.

Turner and IMG's esports brand Eleague has revealed a new partnership with Riot Games that will see Eleague showcase League of Legends in an hour-long show on TBS, coming this Friday at 23:00 ET/PT on the channel.

This show will be called Eleague's Esports 101: League of Legends, providing an accessible introduction into the game. This was created by Bil 'Jump' Carter and Kelsie 'KayPea' Pelling and will talk about the history of Riot's game as well as what's going on in the MOBA and the competitive scene, which is the perfect time considering the World Championships are going on.

"League of Legends has a massive, global fan base and Eleague welcomes this opportunity to both celebrate the game's passionate community and provide additional opportunities to broaden its reach to a new audience," said Craig Barry, EVP & Chief Content Officer at Turner Sports. "Eleague continues to expand its content experiences and overall portfolio through a collective of partnerships that showcase the biggest titles in esports and their unrivaled community of fans."

We even have a trailer for the show down below for you to watch. Is this a good way for newbies to get into League of Legends?

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League of Legends
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