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Dota 2

Eleague is hosting a Dota 2 documentary series

Following the path to this year's The International.

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Eleague has announced that it will be bringing a new television documentary series to TBS, called Road To The International Dota 2 Championships, following players and teams as they approach the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year.

The series will be a four part affair and will premier on Friday August 4 at 22:00 ET (03:00 the following day in BST), airing weekly after that. On top of these there's also a Valve 'Free To Play' Doumentary being presented by Eleague on TBS on Friday July 28 at 22:00 ET.

"The initial episodes of the series will focus on team life and drama as the best players in the world train for one of the most prestigious events in esports," the press release explains. "Later episodes will explore teams' experiences, triumphs and failures during the tournament itself. The International's prize pool has set records for the largest in pro gaming since it began crowd funding in 2011. This year's prize pool is already the largest ever at over 21 million dollars with weeks to spare until crowd funding closes."

Is it a big step for Dota 2's The International to get this kind of exposure on TBS?

Dota 2

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