Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Eleague has been nominated for a sports Emmy

It's up against some big names.

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Eleague hosts a lot of competitions, whether that be Street Fighter V or the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament Eleague Major that Astralis won back in January, and now Eleague has been recognised with a sports Emmy nomination, as revealed by the Emmy website.

The Emmy is for Outstanding Studio Design/ Art Direction, and it'll go up against Games of the XXXI Olympiad on NBC; Mike & Mike on ESPN2; FOX NFL Sunday on FOX/FS1, for the Super Bowl; and UEFA Euro 2016, so there's definitely some big names they're competing with.

A number of organisations and esports players have taken to Twitter to congratulate Eleague on the achievement, which is a noteworthy one, as the Emmys are no small thing, and to recognise the production efforts that go into a tournament, placing it alongside that of the hugely popular tournaments like the Euros and the Super Bowl, is a great step in making esports a respected and recognised field.

Do you think Eleague deserves the Emmy?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Eleague

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