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Elden Ring

Elden Ring's Storytelling Inspired Neil Druckmann

The Naughty Dog co-president praised the way Elden Ring avoids a 'traditional narrative.'

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Naughty Dog Co-President and The Last of Us Writer Neil Druckmann has praised Elden Ring's storytelling and how it is done through gameplay rather than directly through cinematics.

"I'm more recently intrigued by stuff like Elden Ring and Inside that doesn't rely as much on traditional narrative to tell its story. Some of the best storytelling in The Last of Us is in the cinematics, but a lot of it is in gameplay, and moving around the space, and understanding the history of a space by just looking at it and examining it. To me, right now, that's some of the best joy I get out of games that trust their audience to figure things out. [Games] that don't hold your hand, that's the stuff I'm really intrigued by going forward."

It might seem strange to see Elden Ring as a game with incredible storytelling, as it doesn't focus on traditional narrative devices, instead having a story of the world that players figure out by investing time into the characters and exploration. However, it did manage to pick up a nomination for the Best Narrative category at The Game Awards, so it seems others have recognised the game for its storytelling.

Despite the praise, it doesn't seem like Druckmann is going to be adopting many of FromSoftware's storytelling tactics anytime soon. ""That doesn't mean we will never have dialogue, or cutscenes, I think those are tools in your toolbox," Druckmann said, speaking to The Washington Post. "And I think there's a way to push that stuff forward, at least for the kind of games we make at Naughty Dog."

Which style of narrative do you prefer? Let us know.

Thanks, The Washington Post

Elden Ring

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