Eight games to check out at Steam Next Fest June 2022

We've gone digging through Steam to highlight a few demos available at this summer's Next Fest.

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While this time of the year is usually fraught with new announcements and news, a lot of what gets shown isn't ready to be put into the hands of the public for sometime, meaning we get bombarded with trailers but very few chances to actually try these anticipated titles. Fortunately for the PC gaming community, Valve also hosts the summer Steam Next Fest event, which provides Steam users with a chance to dive into a range of demos for upcoming games. With countless on offer, I've spent some time searching for some demos that you should give a go before this Next Fest comes to a close.

Midnight Fight Express

If you like John Wick and the idea of having to take on immeasurable odds as a single person, then might I draw your attention to Jacob Dzwinel's action title Midnight Fight Express. The idea of this game puts players into the shoes of a sleeper agent who has been activated to prevent a citywide takeover by a criminal organisation. The gameplay will see you punching, kicking, and generally kicking ass from an isometric perspective, and it all happens at an incredibly fast-pace that feels fluid and thoroughly entertaining.

Midnight Fight Express is set to launch on August 23, 2022.

Eight games to check out at Steam Next Fest June 2022
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Life can be stressful and sometimes you're just looking for a way to take a load off and relax. HiWarp's indie adventure game Naiad is a perfect title to do just that, as it's designed to be straightforward to play, calming, and a little dreamy. The game tasks the player with guiding a water creature down a river, where you encounter ducks, fish, other fauna and various flora, and it's all presented in a vibrant colour palette and with a chilled out soundtrack over the top.

Naiad is set to debut later this year.

Eight games to check out at Steam Next Fest June 2022
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Cult of the Lamb

I recently wrote a short preview about this game because of how much the demo impressed me. Coming from Massive Monster, this Devolver Digital-published game asks you to start and to grow a cult as a possessed lamb who has been saved from execution by an ancient deity. It's an action-roguelike with life sim elements, which is why I described it in my preview as The Binding of Isaac meets Animal Crossing, and it is shaping up to be one of the top indie games of the year in my eyes.

Cult of the Lamb launches on August 11, 2022.


The Cub

Its description paints The Cub as "The Jungle Book meets the armageddon" and that's because this game has players guiding a young forgotten boy through a dystopian futuristic Earth, where even the visiting humans from a Martian colony are out to get you. Developed by Demagog Studio, this platformer is all about leaping, swinging, and climbing your way through hazard filled levels in a similar design to classic Sega titles.

The Cub currently doesn't have a release date.

Eight games to check out at Steam Next Fest June 2022

Dave the Diver

Scuba meets sushi in Mintrocket's marine adventure game Dave the Diver. Asking players to take on the role of Dave, this title requires you to venture into the deep dark ocean to catch fish of all kinds, and then to take your haul back to your local sushi restaurant, where you have to help serve guests and run the business. Think Hungry Shark meets Diner Dash, and that's what Dave the Diver is looking to deliver.

Dave the Diver will be coming soon.

Eight games to check out at Steam Next Fest June 2022

Anger Foot

After seeing the announcement trailer for this game, I wasn't sure what to expect. But after playing the demo for Anger Foot, I'm absolutely sold on what Free Lives is looking to deliver. This game is similar to Ghostrunner, and tasks the player with using their deadly feet to kick their way through levels packed to the brim with hostile foes that want nothing more than to take you down. It's incredibly fast-paced, bizarre beyond belief, and supported with a thumping soundtrack, which all combine for a truly unique experience.

Anger Foot will be launching sometime in 2023.


Frozen Flame

If action-RPGs and survival crafting gameplay is your jam, let me point you toward Frozen Flame. Coming from Dreamside Interactive, this title lets players loose in a harsh world that was once the home of dragons. With all kinds of deadly foes to face, plenty of striking places to explore, and a broad array of weapons and gear to craft, this is looking like the sort of game that will be ever more difficult to step away from with every extra minute you spend playing it.

Frozen Flame is launching in autumn 2022.

Eight games to check out at Steam Next Fest June 2022

Thunder Ray

While I will admit that the demo was a little lacking, what I did get to experience in Thunder Ray so far left me very intrigued for the full game. Designed as an arcade boxing experience from Purple Tree, Thunder Ray asks you to enter the ring as Earth's most powerful boxer where the idea is to face off with and defeat a range of the universe's most fearsome boxers, all using a combat control scheme that allows you to dodge, weave, jab, uppercut, and deliver all manners of explosive hits in an effort to whittle down the opponent's hefty health bar.

Thunder Ray will debut on September 15, 2022.

Eight games to check out at Steam Next Fest June 2022

Be sure to take a look at the demos for each of the games we've highlighted, and also be sure to let us know about any interesting demos you've discovered in the comments below.

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