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Halo Infinite

Eight beginner tips for Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has finally been released. But since it's the biggest game in the series to date, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, we would love to help you get started...

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Halo Infinite is significantly more difficult than its predecessors

All previous Halo games have been designed primarily for Heroic difficulty. For Halo Infinite, the game is instead adapted for Normal, and spontaneously, this adventure feels like something more akin to the Heroic of Master Chief's previous escapades. In short, Halo Infinite is actually challenging and some boss fights really tough. I'm not saying it's anything like Dark Souls, but you'll die more than once along the way, so Normal is an excellent difficulty to start with here, and those who choose to crank up the challenge will have to be prepared to fight more than they probably think.

Learn to use the grappling hook for everything

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The grappling hook is the biggest gameplay innovation in Halo Infinite, and it's no exaggeration to say that it changes exactly everything. If you want to move forward quickly, just jump and aim it at the ground in front of you and you'll get a big speed boost. Or why not grab a Ghost as it swishes past, tossing off the driver and take control over it? Maybe pick up a powerful weapon hidden behind two enormous Hunters, or aim it at fuel cells that you can then hurl at the enemy with tremendous force. You can even grab opponents and fly at them with ferocious attack power. Aside from climbing with it, of course. Really taking the time to use the grappling hook often will help you tremendously down the road. When you start getting Spartan Cores, I'd even recommend you start by levelling up that particular grappling hook to the max before you start boosting your shield, dash abilities and the like. With the hook maxed out, you'll have all the tools needed to dance around in battles without dying, deliver devastating attacks, and reach difficult ledges.

It's not an open game world

I spent an inordinate amount of time in Halo Infinite exploring. I walked around and checked out pretty much everything, which is fun because the world actually contains quite a bit to explore. But I also died several times trying to get to other parts on Zeta Halo that it looked like I could reach. After several failed attempts, it dawned on me what 343 Industries meant when they said it's not an open game world. It's simply a shared game world where everything fits together, but you can't freely move between all parts. Instead the sub-worlds (which are huge) are to be considered different levels you have to complete to get to other locations.

Marines are really helpful

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In previous Halo games, Marines have often mostly been collateral. In Halo Combat Evolved, I could blast a shotgun shell to the back of a Marine's head if I felt I needed more ammo or the weapon he was carrying. And whacking them to death with the Warthog like some kind of human bowling pins after I saved them from the Covenanters was just fun. In Halo Infinite, however, they serve a purpose and are imprisoned here and there, both in bases as well as in hidden locations. If you see Marines chained to a pole, shoot it down immediately. That way, you'll get help in battle and the enemies will focus on your grateful Marines instead of you, at least for a while. They'll also follow you as far as they can, but if you swing over a canyon, for example, they'll stay behind.

Halo Infinite

Make sure to take over a bunch of FOBs

Taking over Forward Operating Bases in Halo Infinite is, unfortunately, one of its few weaknesses. They're not varied enough and become a bit monotonous after a while. But they're really good to have and give you a base from which you can order equipment, vehicles and bring Marines as well as use them for Fast Travel. While you really don't need all of them, having at least a bunch makes Master Chief's journey much easier and also more fun as you get to bring everything you like to use the most. Additionally, if you've defeated hidden bosses, you'll find special weapons in your FOBs.

Bring an SP4NKR as weapon number two

The classic Halo rocket launcher was introduced back in Halo: Combat Evolved and has stuck around ever since. It's still there in Halo Infinite. Since, as I said, the game is more challenging this time around, you might run into bosses that are actually really badass. So before I embark on the story missions, I make sure to bring a fully loaded SP4NKR (two rockets in the weapon, four as backup) which I keep unused at all times. During major battles where I need two weapons, I put the rocket launcher aside, and retrieve it after everything is mowed down, to later face a possible super-boss with the game's most powerful weapon.

Kill Grunts and Jackals

Jackals are something you'll learn to hate in bigger battles. The world is so big that they can sit insanely far away and make your life miserable. Grunts are also a problem as they are really trigger happy and wear down your shield in tough duels against Brutes and Elites. I therefore usually make sure to decimate the Grunts and Jackals first from a safe distance. In particular, all the Jackals have to die.

You don't have to do everything

It can feel a little overwhelming to look at the Zeta Halo map and realise how much side stuff is waiting for you, as well as knowing that there's even more than that in the form of secrets hidden in the ring world. But you don't actually have to do it all, there's nothing required to reach the end of the game and if you don't like the side stories or find them too repetitive, then just screw it and focus on the story instead. Halo Infinite has a fantastically well-written one that doesn't benefit from being dragged out with other clutter. You'll still want to run a second lap on Heroic then (trust me!) and then it's more justified to actually try to do it all.

Halo Infinite

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