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Eidos-Montreal and Eidos-Sherbrooke are shifting to a four-day workweek

The initiative is another step towards the developer creating a "sustainable work environment for our employees."

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The developer behind the Deus Ex games and the upcoming Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has announced that it will be adopting a four-day work week going forward. Eidos-Montreal and its subsidiary studio Eidos-Sherbrooke is picking up this initiative in "another step towards the embodiment of the studio's values, building a healthy, creative, and sustainable work environment for our employees."

Announced in a blog post, the studio has mentioned that it will be closed on Fridays going forth, reducing the amount of hours its developers work from 40-hours per week to 32-hours per week, all without changing the working conditions or the salaries of its employees.

Building on this, the developer also noted how it will be adapting its workload to fit the shorter work week, revealing that it intends to "review our ways of doing things and our quality time invested, with the aim of working better!" Doing this is said to involve a few internal changes, such as to the parameters for organisation at the studio, which hopes to "eliminate unnecessary time and build on efficiency".

The switch to the four-day work week is one we're seeing get increased traction, particularly in the games industry, as developers and publishers look to fight crunch and the large workloads on its employees. Recently, it was also announced that Bugsnax developer Young Horses has also made the switch to the four-day work week.

Eidos-Montreal and Eidos-Sherbrooke are shifting to a four-day workweek

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