Eidos-Montréal is working on Fable with Playground Games

We will be able to return to Albion next year when Fable launches for both PC and Xbox.

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Almost two years ago, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier revealed that the former Square Enix-owned Eidos-Montréal (Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy) had begun development on a new Deus Ex, just a short time before being bought by Embracer.

Unfortunately, that joy didn't last long, because in early 2024 Schreier announced that the game had been canceled and everyone working on it fired as a result of Embracer's cost-cutting program, a total of 97 people.

But the Eidos-Montréal studio is still around, and now we know what they're currently working on. Via X, they inform us that they - just like their sibling studio Crystal Dynamics - are working together with Xbox Game Studios:

"We're so excited to be supporting the development of @Fable! It's been a blast collaborating with the talented team at @WeArePlayground to craft an unforgettable adventure."

We have known for several years that Crystal Dynamics is working with The Initiative on the upcoming Perfect Dark, which like Fable was shown during Sunday night's Xbox Games Showcase.

Fable is due for release in 2025, and hopefully the extra manpower from Eidos-Montréal will ensure that it is both released as planned and delivers the level of quality fans expect and deserve. You can check out the brand new trailer over here.


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