EGX is returning to both Birmingham and London in 2022

The UK-based games convention will get two shows next year, in March and September.

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EGX will be returning once again next year, bringing the UK-based games trade fair to fans over two separate events. Coming to both Birmingham and London, the show will be back to two shows a year, something we haven't seen since 2019 when the last in-person event was held.

Next year, we'll be getting EGX Birmingham (formerly known as EGX Rezzed) in March, between the 3rd and the 5th, and then the usual EGX London later on, between September 22-25, both of which will be run in partnership with Virgin Media.

As part of the announcement, it was revealed that EGX Birmingham will "lean on expanding the Rezzed Zone, with all the beloved indie games that EGX Rezzed traditionally delivers, but will also meet the need for AAA publishers to showcase spring releases."

We're told that EGX London will also aim to "keep players and their experience at the centre of events, allowing fans and developers to continue coming together, celebrating the games community and creating unforgettable memories."

There's no mention as to when tickets will start to go on sale.

EGX is returning to both Birmingham and London in 2022

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