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eFootball Version 3.2: All the Details

There will be a penalty shootout mini-game for rewards, revamped matchmaking and facilities to connect and express yourself online.

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With real football reaching the final part of the first round in the major leagues, Konami is also entering a new phase packed with new features and content for eFootball 2024 with its Season 2 now in full swing. The football title will be updated to version 3.2.0 this coming Thursday, December 7, and Gamereactor was able to attend a preview session hosted by head of communications Hal Sparke and director of data collection Klaus Ganer to find out all the details.

New My League mode in eFootball: A Season with your Dream Team

The main new feature is the addition of the My League mode, a new way to play 36 or 38 matches as if it were a regular league, but with the Dream Team made in the game.

In order not to chain too many strong teams together, the AI organises the calendar so that a strong club appears every five matches. The calendar will reflect the weather of the seasons in-game and there will be new cutscenes to accompany the matches. There will be no limit to the number of times you can play this new mode, but during the Q&A session Konami also declined to define the possible rewards it will award at this stage.

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eFootball 2024

Playing in co-op with strangers to make a 3v3 team

However, the first stop of the presentation was the co-op mode. Konami acknowledged that, as has been seen in the competitive environment for years, co-op is proving "a huge success" for the game, which is "enjoying how the community is embracing it". To improve co-op, EF 3.2.0 will incorporate a new matchmaking system so that users can team up with strangers to easily form a three-player team. This matchmaking will take place in the online match rooms.

During the matchmaking, they will also be able to express themselves and communicate via emojis.

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eFootball 2024

New login penalty mini-game is reminiscent of the best of PES

In true Pro Evolution Soccer style, eFootball 2024 v3.2 will also add a mini-game during log-in time. By accessing the online servers, users will be able to try out a penalty kick activity, once per day, to earn squares that determine the quality of the rewards on offer. Only the player who scores the kick earns a single square, and the more goals you score, the better the rewards. There will be GP, EF Points and even Big Time Cards for the Dream Team, and as a sample we saw Ronaldinho. Can you score 31 penalties in a row?

eFootball 2024

A fairer eFootball League: you will only play with similar levels

The matchmaking tweaks don't just affect the rooms for setting up 3v3 matches. Participants in the eFootball League mode will now have to face fairer matches, as the possible opponents are divided into tiers or divisions. For example, you won't get a level 2 opponent if you're at level 7:

eFootball League Ladders

  • Advanced: Levels 1-3

  • Intermediate: Levels 4-6

  • Beginner: Levels 7-9

  • Tutorial: Level 10

As for potential lag or connection issues due to Wi-Fi quality or distance between regions, Ganer told Gamereactor that these match-ups are "purely skill-based" for now, with other filters coming later.

eFootball 2024eFootball 2024
New competitive mode: eFootball Championship Club Event

Where are Master League and Edit Mode?

Today's presentation focused on the new features coming with patch 3.2.0 as of Thursday, but in the Q&A we wanted to get across the two concerns that the community is insisting on and that were part of the original roadmap: the Master League and Edit Mode. Sparke told Gamereactor that "it's not for us to speculate on other game modes. eFootball changed the game for us on every level, we went from PES and its annual model to free-to-play. We are trying to create a platform that is accessible. My League is going to be really unique and we're really excited about it. Still, they will "keep working" on everything else.

It should be remembered that the game itself already previews other new features coming with the 3.2 update, such as PvP co-op events, the renewal of GP contracts, the possibility to practice in training with the Ideal Team or changes to the number of goal celebrations that can't be skipped.

eFootball 2024
New skill: Blitz Curler shot.

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