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eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 to land on mobile devices in June

The new version will arrive alongside update 1.1.0.

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Konami has officially put a date on when eFootball 2022 will land on mobile devices. Set to arrive alongside the next update for the title, update 1.1.0, players on Android and iOS will get the chance to check out the football game on June 2, 2022 when it lands on the platform.

As for what exactly update 1.1.0 will add, that remains fairly unclear at the moment, as Konami seems to be keeping its card quite close to the chest still. It has said that win/loss decision making will be addressed, as well server capacity, but otherwise we're expecting finer details to arrive at a later date.

It has been said as well that the mobile version of the game won't exactly be a brand-new game to download, but will rather be a re-launched version of eFootball PES 2021, which will be changed to reflect the new branding of the series.

This all comes after eFootball 2022 had an absolutely disastrous launch, ending up at the pinnacle of Steam's Hall of Shame, and requiring Konami to have to take a bunch of time to release several updates and improvement patches to get the game to a state that resembled its original promise.

eFootball 2022

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