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eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 is already breaking records... by being Steam's worst-rated game of all-time

Konami's reinvention of the PES brand has been met with a bit of criticism so far.

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Today marks the launch day of Konami's reinvention of the PES brand with the free-to-play experience eFootball 2022. Despite being a little different to what PES players have come to expect from the series, the game is already breaking records... for being the worst-rated game on Steam of all-time.

The sports title has comfortably taken the top slot in Steam's Hall of Shame, a listing system that identifies the worst 250 games on the store. At the moment of publishing this news story, the game has an average score of 0.84%, which is around half of second place, Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction, which has an impressive score of 1.52%.

You might be thinking that this probably only accounts for a few ratings, but according to Steam250, there have been over 1,600 votes on eFootball 2022 as of now, which is quite a significant amount of votes considering Flatout 3 only has 2,891 votes despite releasing in 2011.

We're working on initial impressions of eFootball 2022 right now, but you can read our preview of the game here, as well as taking a look at some gameplay below.

eFootball 2022

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