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eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 guide: the best cheap players to start with

Build your superteam for less than 500,000 GP in eFootball 2022 with our exclusive selection of 40 footballers. Destroy your rivals with your Dream Team!

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The final version of eFootball 2022 is already here. While Konami are finalising the mobile version and preparing the next update (which will include crossplay in eFootball, along with other juicy improvements) the biggest claim of this title is Dream Team. This new mode will allow you to create your own squad by signing players from all around the world.

However, in order to build a good team you need to get good footballers, especially if you want to defeat other players online. It is time to jump into the market and take a look at the prices, stats and progression in order to see which players are worth spending your GP. We will help you out with our list of 40 best cheap players in eFootball 2022.

Yes, you are right. We have looked for the best cheap footballers in eFootball 2022. A compilation that includes the best taking into account their quality/price ratio. This will allow you to build a more competitive squad to play online or against friends, and eventually get the Dream Team you need to dominate the pitch.

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eFootball 2022

Konami has gifted a lot of GP to eFootball 2022's users before the release of the final version, and also compensated for some of the bugs by giving away free credits. Thanks to this, you probably have a great amount of points to purchase your starting 11. However, we strongly recommend following our tips if you really want to make the most of it.

Best cheap players in eFootball 2022 - Quality/price

With this compilation you can sign your whole squad in Dream Team for less than 500,000 GP. Not only will you put together a great offensive starting lineup, but you will also build a good core of players that can increase their stats up to 30 levels or even more in training, which constitutes an important curve of progression.

Best players for less than 45,000 GP

  • G. Buffon (GK) - 15,000 GP

  • Odriozola (RB) - 20,000 GP

  • T. Meunier (RB) - 22,000 GP

  • J. Tah (CB) - 32,000 GP

  • Danilo Pereira (DMF) - 32,000 GP

  • Alex Telles (LB) - 32,000 GP

  • F. Armani (GK) - 34,000 GP

  • T. Mings (CB) - 34,000 GP

  • Marcos Alonso (LB) - 34,000 GP

  • Gavi (CMF) - 39,000 GP

  • W. Fofana (CB) - 43,000 GP

  • E. Camavinga (CMF) - 43,000 GP

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Best players between 45,000 GP - 60,000 GP

  • J. Ward-Prowse (CMF) - 47,000 GP

  • J. Gomez (CB) - 47,000 GP

  • W. McKeenie (CMF) - 47,000 GP

  • Anthony Lopes (GK) - 51,000 GP

  • C. Aránguiz (DMF) - 51,000 GP

  • W. Barrios (DMF) - 51,000 GP

  • I. Gueye (CMF) - 51,000 GP

  • G. Rulli (GK) - 51,000 GP

  • G. Bale (RWF) - 51,000 GP

  • K. Manolas (CB) - 51,000 GP

  • A. Lacazette (CF) - 51,000 GP

Best players between 60,000 GP - 80,000 GP

  • N. Zaniolo (AMF) - 70,000 GP

  • M. Rashford (LWF) - 70,000 GP

  • M. Maignan (GK) - 76,000 GP

  • P. Aubameyang (CF) - 76,000 GP

  • Diego Carlos (CB) - 76,000 GP

  • Morata (CF) - 76,000 GP

  • J. Vardy (CF) - 76,000 GP

  • T. Werner (CF) - 76,000 GP

  • Á. Correa (RMF) - 76,000 GP

  • P. Kimpembe (CB) - 76,000 GP

Best players between 80.000 - 100.000 GP

  • E. Martínez (GK) - 80,000 GP

  • A. Gómez (AMF) - 82,000 GP

  • E. Cavani (CF) - 82,000 GP

  • Sergio Canales (CMF) - 82,000 GP

  • N. Fekir (AMF) - 82,000 GP

  • M. Ødegaard (AMF) - 100,000 GP

Here you can find plenty of talent to build an all-star team. We strongly recommend to focus on signing both a good goalkeeper and a lethal striker to protect yourself and score goals easily. If you follow these tips you will be able to face the best players, win matches and keep on earning points to purchase more expensive players to get even better results.

eFootball 2022

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