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Edna Mode's mansion has been listed on Airbnb

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Airbnb has got into the game of offering themed listings as of late, with the X-Men '97 Mansion and Shrek's Swamp being physical locations where you can stay a night or two through the platform. These listings make up Airbnb's Icons range, and this has been expanded further with another Disney and Pixar for an incredible new opportunity.

Those in Los Angeles in June can stay at The Incredibles' Edna Mode's mansion, where they can receive an actual 1:1 consultation to get a supersuit designed. The description for the amazing sounding listing adds further detail on what it provides, stating:

"Fashion enthusiasts can pull themselves together with the mastermind behind some of your favorite hero looks and suit up in style, à la Edna Mode. Tucked away behind closed gates in Los Angeles, California, guests will be invited to step into Edna's world of fashion and flair and experience what it takes to be bold, dramatic, and heroic by designing a one-of-a-kind Supersuit, 20 years after her work first came to life in The Incredibles. Get a 1:1 consultation with the help from Edna's team of expert designers, discover your unique superpower, and select intricate details and fabric swatches to create your personalized suit, all with the Edna Mode stamp of approval - no capes, of course!"

The Edna Mode mansion will be available to stay at between June 6 and 29, offering 15 total experiences for four people during said time.

This also comes as Airbnb, Disney, and Pixar came together to make Icons listings for Up and Inside Out 2 as well.

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Incredibles 2

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