ECS Community Caster Challenge announced

A big to find the best casters and casting teams.

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The Esports Championship Series (ECS) have announced a brand new initiative and competition for new casting talent.

The Development League starts today and will run until the end of the month, seeing some of the top professional teams in the world playing against open qualifier teams to make it to ECS Season 2. Alongside this, ECS are seeking to open up more opportunities for esports and the Community Caster Challenge has been announced to look for new casting talent.

Registered casters and casting teams will be allowed to stream the first weeks of the development league, receiving support from ECS as well as Twitch and ECS partners. The prize for two casters will be an invite for FACEIT studios, who are also supporting casters and casting teams, at IMG in London to cast Season 2 matches.

In order to be eligible for the Community Caster Challenge streamers must provide full information in an email to [email protected] with "Community Caster Challenge" as the subject. The will have to give:

Full name
Twitch link
Other social links

Applicants should also use the official ECS Development League Community Caster Challenge overlay (which is available for download here). They should also provide clear advertising breaks for sponsors (videos can be downloaded at the same link), accept an invite to ECS Community Caster Challenge Twitch team (https://www.twitch.tv/team/ecscasterchallenge) and share stats, stream Development League matches (the more you stream the more will be seen), stream in English and tweet links to the channel when live using #ECSCCC and @ecsleague.

"The Community Caster Challenge offers a great chance for up and coming talented casters to receive significant exposure commentating a huge league" James Bardolph, Creative Director of FACEIT Media said. "Show us what you're made of and maybe you'll find yourself sitting next to us in the FACEIT studio".

Aspiring casters should send applications to [email protected]

ECS Community Caster Challenge announced

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