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Injustice 2

Echo Fox's Injustice 2 team partners with Simple Mobile

The team includes the likes of SonicFox.

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Esports organisation Echo Fox has revealed a brand new partnership on their official website, which is between their Injustice 2 team and Simple Mobile, highlighting SonicFox, Theo, and Scar at the various fighting game events they'll be attending.

"Partnering with Samsung and Simple Mobile further solidifies Echo Fox's position as a global force with the most elite FGC players that are continuing to dominate the Injustice 2 scene," said Jared Jeffries, Echo Fox President. "Heading into CEO, our team roster is proud to work with a sponsor that understands the fighting game community and can deliver the esports experience to a mainstream audience."

Are you a fan of Echo Fox's fighters?

Injustice 2
Photo: Echo Fox

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