EA's Söderlund: "It will be a different Mirror's Edge"

Executive vice president talks about various DICE projects, next-gen and more.

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Executive vice president Patrick Söderlund of EA Games talks about various DICE projects, the new structure of the DICE studio, next-gen (or gen 4), and much more in this interview.


Speaking of the announcements of Mirror's Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront at E3 Söderlund had the following to say:

"Well, there's two things when you look at what to build. First and foremost frankly, what does the team want to build? Cause you need a passionate team to get a great game out. And obviously you want to make sure whatever the team wants to build resonates with consumers or players. And in this particular case I think we seem to have done both of those."

Why has it taken this long for DICE to announce a sequel to Mirror's Edge?

"It's taken this long because we wanted to get to the right concept and the right idea. And Sara Jansson who is producer on it, when she pitched her idea to me and Karl-Magnus, the GM for DICE, I was frankly blown away. I'm like "Finally, you've got it!" and when you hear something like that... She pitched an idea that frankly could only be built on gen 4, is a stunning concept, and when she came to us we knew we had it. And yes, we've been testing ideas and we've been prototyping stuff, and I'm glad that we waited to get the right idea."

Speaking off why EA opted to focus their press conference at E3 on next-gen (or gen 4), Söderlund had the following to say:

"For us it's about a glimpse into the future, that's what gamers will be excited about and I think the games that we're building take so much out of gen 4 and what the gen 4 consoles come with that we were eager to show it."

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