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NHL 23

EA's annual simulation of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs has found its winner

It seems like Lord Stanley's Mug will end up in New England this year.

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This year's Stanley Cup playoffs just started in the NHL with Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York Islanders, and all hockey fans are looking forward to some hopefully tough battles with plenty of action and a whole lot of goals.

As is tradition in major tournaments, EA Sports tries to predict the winner by simulating the games using the latest iterations of their titles. This year is no different, and the results from the NHL 23 Stanley Cup playoff simulation is now here. It turns out it will be Boston Bruins who wins it all in the end after beating Seattle Kraken with 4-1 in matches.

You can check out all the predicted results at the bottom. Do you think EA Sports will nail this one or do you have another expected winner?

NHL 23NHL 23

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