Fallout 76

Earn plenty of caps in Fallout 76 this weekend

Caps-A-Plenty is back!

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Whether you have been playing Fallout 76 since day 1 or is about to start now - make sure to get the most out of this weekend. Bethesda has now announced on their homepage that they are having a "Caps-A-Plenty" event all weekend:

"Calling all Wasteland scavengers! If your bags are getting heavy, but your pockets are feeling a little light, then you may want to stop by your local Vendor to top-up your Caps supply during our "Caps-A-Plenty" event. Starting today, you can visit Vendors throughout Appalachia to get up to 2,800 Caps per day by selling them your unwanted gear."

This event runs until 18:00 on Monday, so make sure to earn some serious amounts of caps, something you'll never get enough of in the wasteland.

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