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Early adopters get Dreams' solo campaign ahead of launch

Anyone who purchased the early access version can start playing and creating on February 11, three days before anyone else.

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There's only just over a week until Dreams comes out (on Valentine's day), but if you've got the early access version then you'll be spending even less time waiting, with a content drop due to land a couple of days ahead of launch.

Announced by developers Media Molecule via a post on the PlayStation blog, anyone who managed to get their hands on the limited early access version of Dreams can jump in ahead of everyone else on February 11 after a Creator's Patch update at 12:00 GMT.

This isn't just access to the powerful creation tool either, as several new features including a "feature film length" campaign mode will be available after the update. This mode is called Art's Dream and focuses on a former jazz musician fittingly called Art who dreams about his own life, past, present and presumably future too.

According to the post, it will take him through all sorts of situations featuring some of the characters you've probably seen in the marketing, like that hammer-wielding teddy bear. This video from IGN clears up a few extra details, including a run-time of around two to three hours and how several levels will play out. Essentially, it's more of a showcase with what you can do with the ambitious creation kit, with several levels across a bunch of different genres like twin-stick shooting and point-and-click adventuring.

Other features coming include two new creator kits based on that campaign so people can use the assets in addition to another two kits coming to Homespaces and Dreamshaping. There are also a few new tutorials and how-to videos to help you sharpen your skills along with a few UI tweaks.

That's not all, with a few extra tweaks that apparently round the total number of things changed to 18,000 since the early access version came out. Improved thermometer tools are on the way with camera bookmarks and a new control scheme based on using the left and right sticks. Otherwise, there are also a few new bug fixes as well.

What are you hoping to create when you jump into Dreams on either February 11 or 14?


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