Each player will build his own adventure in Nightingale with the Realm Card system

And also the crafting system will allow you to make any tool, garment or even construction that you can imagine.

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Yesterday we told you about the crafting design of Nightingale creatures and their procedural generation and identity, and now today we're back to tell you more about the direct experience players will have when they start their adventure through the Victorian dark fantasy world. Aaryn Flynn commented on this when talking about the new features presented at Summer Game Fest, such as Realm Cards.

"The Realm Card system is our way of connecting players to our procedural generation system, so we build our terrains and all of our realms procedurally. Realm Cards are our way to empower players and give them agency over what they're going to experience as they move through portals and move to these realms and go on their adventures in Nightingale."


The new crafting system will also be based on these Realm Cards, and will allow us to build almost anything we might need or imagine within our game, and then invite other players to visit our Realm.

"You can craft a lot. From your weapons, to your gear, to your clothing and everything. All of those are also customisable, so you can change colour and things like that. But beyond crafting there's also building, so you're going to be encouraged to build as a survival crafting game, and harvest resources and construct in whatever way you want to do. We've got a lot of flexibility in our building system to design and shape your building in the way you want it and we give you lots and lots of tile sets that you'll recognise and that will let you make your estate look exactly as you want it to."


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