EA wants to start adding "very thoughtful" ads to your video games

Unfortunately, EA hasn't always been known for knowing what the concept of thoughtful means.

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Including advertising in games is nothing new and has been around since the beginning of time, but as games become more online and technology improves, there are of course new opportunities for this. And EA really wants to take advantage of this.

During the company's latest financial report, EA CEO Andrew Wilson explained that he wants to make a lot of money from "many, many trillions of hours spent, both playing, creating, watching and connecting" by introducing advertising in games, something he believes is "a meaningful driver of growth for us".

If you think this sounds horrible, especially from a company like EA, Wilson also says they are currently looking at how they can deliver "very thoughtful implementations inside of our game experiences". Sadly, EA has a history of not always being overly "very thoughtful" in its business decisions, and has pissed off the gaming community more than once.

To summarise, it sounds like your full-price EA titles, which already semi-require a season pass and are jam-packed with microtransactions, will soon be feeding you "very thoughtful" advertising as well. Does this sound like something that will improve your gaming experience, in your opinion?

EA wants to start adding "very thoughtful" ads to your video games

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