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Mass Effect Trilogy

EA suggests there's no plan to remaster the Mass Effect trilogy

Mixed messages are coming out of Electronic Arts.

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It wasn't so long ago that EA were making noises about a change of heart when it comes to remasters, and obviously the Mass Effect trilogy is high on many people's wishlists. However, it looks like our chances of a remastered return to the sci-fi saga are slim after EA's chief competitive officer Peter Moore weighed in on the matter.

"Could we make an easy buck on remastering Mass Effect? Yes," Moore said in an interview with IGN. "Have a thousand people asked me that? Yes they have. Do we have... No."

"We just feel like we want to go forward. There's a little thing called Mass Effect: Andromeda that we're totally focused on at Bioware, and it's going to be magnificent. Anything that distracts from that...

If that wasn't obvious enough, Moore followed up: "Do we have teams lying around that are doing nothing right now, that can go and? No, we don't. We want to focus on the future."

It certainly sounds like we shouldn't be holding our breath for an updated return to Bioware's epic science fiction trilogy.

Mass Effect Trilogy

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