EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC and FIFA 14 demos are £3.99 on Xbox One

Is it simply a bug or are EA now charging for demos?

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Demos for EA Sports UFC and FIFA 14 on Xbox One now are now priced at a rather alarming £3.99 if you want to get them at Microsofts Xbox Store.

Is this a new move by EA to endear them with gamers? Could be a bug, but both demos can be bought right now as just tested by ourselves. On Playstation Network the demo for EA Sports UFC is exclusively available for PS Plus members, while the FIFA 14 demo is available for free for everybody. Why anyone would start paying for the FIFA 14 demo now, just a couple of months removed from the release of FIFA 15 is beyond us - but we suppose it could all be a part of a larger plan.

It's not all bad news, though. The NBA Live 14 demo is still a free download.

Update: According to an Australian EA rep (via Polygon), it's down to a "system error".

Update 2: Price is now listed as £0.00. False alarm.

EA Sports UFC

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