EA Sports UFC

EA Sports serves up Aldo vs. Pettis superfight

Lightweight champion vs. Featherweight champion.

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The superfight between Brazilian phenom José Aldo and American champ Anthony "Showtime" Pettis was meant to go down a while back in the UFC. Injuries prevented the fight and Pettis went on to win the 155 lbs. belt while Aldo stayed on at 145 lbs. maintaining his longtime reign over the division (most recently against Ricardo Lamas). It's a fight a lot of fans want to see though, and hopefully one day it will happen.

Good news then that you can make it happen in EA Sports UFC as evident in the video below. In this scenario the two face off for Pettis' lightweight belt and Pettis looks significantly bigger than Aldo. Anyway, the fight mainly on the feet for five minutes in this video where you can see how much work has gone into getting the presentation just the way it is in a UFC pay-per-view.

Anyway, make this fight happen, Dana White. We want to see it in real-life as well as video game form.


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