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EA Sports PGA Tour

EA Sports PGA Tour shows off its Career Mode

Take a look at how you'll be carving your name into golfing history.

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It's only a couple of weeks until EA Sports PGA Tour arrives on PC and consoles following its recent short delay that pushed it to debut on Masters weekend. But with the release looming, EA has now showed off another look at the game, with this new trailer and blog post revolving around the Career Mode and how players will be carving their name into golf history within it.

The blog post reaffirms that players will be able to widely customise their character, all before starting wherever they choose on the PGA Tour calendar, or move through the amateur ranks instead. It also shows that like real golf, players will need to show they should be competing in the best tournaments by making the cut and earning spots in the events, on top of being able to use an AI Pairings feature to take to the course alongside an AI golfer.

We're also given a slightly deeper look at the RPG progression and shot types system, which will allow players to be able to take on more demanding courses after levelling up enough, and even gives a short explanation of the different attributes you will be able to upgrade to better your golfer.

But you can read more about that here or see it in action in the Career Mode trailer below.

EA Sports PGA Tour

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