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EA Sports admits problems with FIFA 21 controls

There's conflicts with buttons doing more then one action, but EA promises to be working on it.

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If you read our FIFA 21 review, you know that one of our problems with the game is the excess of actions and commands, with some buttons doing more then one function, causing conflicts. For example, the L1/LB is both the slow dribble and the button to ask for a colleague forward run, which means that you cannot slow dribble the ball without forcing a teammate out of his position, which can cause problems, like not having a near colleague to pass the ball to.

We asked EA Sports about this issue, who promptly acknowledged the problem. Apparently it is something that they are already working on in order to improve, collecting feedback from both players and further internal testing. EA assured us this is something they are working hard to improve, but from what we gathered, it sounded like something we won't see improved until FIFA 22.


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