Dirt 5

EA shuts down Dirt

This comes after Project Cars recent cancellation as well.

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Yesterday we reported that EA, who stepped in and bought the venerable racing studio Codemasters last year, is shutting down the Project Cars game series (owned by Codemasters for a number of years) with immediate effect. This despite talk that Project Cars 4 was on the way.

Unfortunately, it now seems that EA has also decided to cancel the Dirt series, which would be downright shameful if it turns out to be true. Gamesindustry.biz reports that Dirt 5 sold less than Dirt 4, which sold less than Dirt 3, which now leads to EA putting an immediate end to that sequel as well. Dirt Rally will also not be around as the third game in that series has been rebooted as EA's official WRC title, rumoured to be released in summer.

We have to assume that EA wants Codemasters to tinker with the F1 series, the WRC series and a Need for Speed game every two years (Criterion is rumoured to be putting out a game every two years, too, which means they then have annual racing titles, again - three of them) rather than Grid, Dirt, Project Cars and their other game series.

What do you think about Dirt being rumoured to be discontinued?

Dirt 5

Thanks, TheDrive.

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