EA seems to have hiked the prices of its games on Steam

Plenty of EA games saw their prices increase this past week, some with as much as 300%.

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Recently, as discovered by Reddit user MJuniorDC9, EA made some price adjustments to its games on Steam. This in itself is hardly a surprise as changes to pricing happen all the time, but what is surprising is the sudden nature of the price hikes and the increasing amount.

Linking to the Steam database, where the changes are clear as day, one can see the various currencies and the price increase for each currency and Brazil gamers, for example, now have to pay up to 300% more money to buy their favourite EA game on Steam. While not all regions have seen this severe of a price increase, the pricing in various currencies, including GBP, has changed significantly.

What's your take on this?

EA seems to have hiked the prices of its games on Steam

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