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EA says Argentina will win the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Will EA make it four straight correct predictions?

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Every time there's a major sporting event, EA uses their simulators to recreate the tournament and crown a winner. Surprisingly enough, their data is so good these days that they actually often predict the right results, especially when it comes to football.

Now they've been at it again with the 2022 FIFA World Cup using FIFA 23 with Tournament and World Cup Kick-Off modes (read more about the methods here) to simulate what will happen. It turns out Argentina will be the winners this time, which would be the first time since 1986.

It deserves to be mentioned that EA has actually been right for the last three FIFA World Cups (Spain 2010, Germany 2014 and France 2018), so it's not just luck. If they nail this one as well, we'd say that EA's predictions are becoming borderline spoilers of things to come.


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