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Battlefield 1

EA plans to build a competitive platform around Battlefield 1

"The time is right to start to invest in this."

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Battlefield 1 seems to have struck a chord both with critics and consumers ever since its launch last month, and EA has big plans for the game in the future, as they want to build a competitive platform for the game moving forward.

At the annual Credit Suisse 2016 Technology Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Electronic Arts Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore spoke about slowly building a competitive community around the game:

"We've watched this with great interest for the last couple of years, and decided in the last six months that the time is right to start to invest in this, and not only on our licensed properties, but even you'll see us, in calendar year 2017, fully engaged with our Battlefield franchise, a wholly owned IP, and starting building our competitive game modes as part of that franchise."

He also expressed a great admiration for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and how committed the player base is to the game:

"There are microtransaction opportunities in Battlefield called BattlePacks, that allow you to progress your way through the game. We have also seen, in particular with great admiration for what CounterStrike: Global Offensive has been able to do, and to their credit, and the engagement levels with that are phenomenal. We'll simply sell more copies of Battlefield with the fact that there are competitive types of gaming mode built into that that allow people to compete."

How this platform will be built into the game has yet to be revealed. Would you like to see the competitive scene grow?

Battlefield 1

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