EA on Ronaldo transfer: "We need to go back to work"

It's thrown a spanner in the works.

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Even though FIFA 19's Spanish presentation was held at the Wanda Metropolitano (Atlético de Madrid's stadium), there was still a very white vibe matching the Real Madrid kit of cover star Cristiano Ronaldo, but with Ronaldo signing for Juventus in the last few weeks and FIFA 19 box art apparently switching kits to keeping with the same cover star, we had to ask EA's Sam Rivera on potential reception in Spain.

"I think it's going to be tough," Rivera admitted when asked how he thought Real Madrid fans would react to this new cover. "Ronaldo is an amazing player. Just look at his performance in the World Cup, that game against Spain. So yeah, it's big news for everybody. For us what it means is we need to go back to work [...] everything in the game to make sure Ronaldo shows in an updated jersey. We just need to go and check every single place of the game were Ronaldo was to make sure everything is fine."

"But every year there's transfers [...] So we need to adapt. Obviously this is a more important transfer," Rivera added.

Is this change of kit going to bother you at all?


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