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Battlefield 2042

EA is changing Battlefield into a multi-studio development franchise

The long-running shooter series is growing into a fully-fledged Battlefield universe.

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Even though Battlefield 2042 launched in a pretty bad way, landing it in the top ten on Steam's Hall of Shame, there's no doubting that the series is one of EA's biggest franchises. To that end, the massive publisher has announced that it is doubling-down on Battlefield in a big way, with both the intent to turn the series into a "Battlefield universe" with a multi-studio development process supporting it.

Reported by GameSpot, EA is looking to create a range of Battlefield games that span various offerings. We assume this could mean having a modern, World War, and futuristic shooter in development at all times, with different EA owned studios handling each one, removing the requirement for DICE to handle all the projects on its own. Ripple Effect and DICE are still set to continue supporting Battlefield 2042 with a new experience as well.

There has not been any mention as to the intricacies of this plan just yet, however, but it has been noted that the different studios will be based around North America and Europe. But, it was mentioned that Halo designer, Marcus Lehto, is said to be heading up a new development team in Seattle in which they will be working on one of these new Battlefield experiences.

This all comes as EA also has revealed that Respawn Entertainment boss Vince Zampella will be taking point as the one to lead the Battlefield franchise going forward, as former DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson is leaving EA.

Battlefield 2042

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