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EA indicates Apex Legends is going mobile this year

CEO Andrew Wilson seems to suggest that mobile gamers can expect a soft-launch by the end of the year.

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It seems that besides landing on Nintendo Switch (and Steam), Apex Legends will also dive onto mobile devices at some point this year. This was unveiled during an EA investor fireside chat (shared by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter), where CEO Andrew Wilson talked about mobile platforms and said, "we've talked about having Apex Legends in soft-launch by the end of this year".

Apex Legends was a nice surprise back in early 2019 when it grew rapidly only in a matter of days and weeks following its sudden release by EA and Respawn Entertainment. Now it stands as one of the major battle royale games besides Fortnite and PUBG, and it seems as though EA wants to challenge the big guns once again, this time in the mobile arena.

Do you think it will have the same impact on a touchscreen device?

Apex Legends

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