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EA has teamed up with Marvel to reimagine FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes as superheroes

Every World Cup FUT Hero will get a special illustrated item when the World Cup mode launches.

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EA has announced a collaboration with Marvel, one which will see FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes in FIFA 23 being reimagined and getting new special illustrations that depict each player as that of a superhero.

As we're told in a press release, this collaboration will be framed around the World Cup game mode when that debuts after launch. We're told that each of the FUT Heroes will get their own illustration inspired by Marvel Comics, and that this will recognise their careers both at a club and country level.

The collaboration will also feature various other items getting a Marvel spin, including that of tifos, kits, balls, and more, which is mentioned to be available to FUT fans at no extra cost. To add to this, there will be an online Marvel Heroes comic book launching at a later date, which we're simply told we'll know more about as we get closer to the holiday period.

You can take a look at some of the reimagined Heroes below, which includes Landon "The Brave" Donovan, Ricardo "The Anticipator" Carvalho, Claudio "Il Principino" Marchisio, Yaya "The Citadel" Touré, and Park "Tigerheart" Ji-Sung. More Hero announcements are set to come at a later date.


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