EA has "half a dozen" original IPs in development

Publisher planning second wave on next-gen consoles.

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EA has several new next-gen IPs in development, according to Labels chief Frank Gibeau.

The publisher has "half a dozen" new properties in the works, though they're to be introduced over time, once they've successfully transitioned their currents properties over to the next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

"We've now got half a dozen [original IPs] in development," Gibeau told CVG. "We've announced a couple of them, Mirror's Edge and Battlefront, but we've also added some as well. The last time I spoke about this we hadn't done the Star Wars deal, so there are those games too."

"We're going to try and announce the new projects in the next couple of years - so in years two to three in the next-gen cycle, the plan is each year you'll see one to two new IP from us coming out. This year we have new projects too - UFC is new to EA and of course there's Titanfall."

During the interview he also mentioned Dragon Age: Inquisition: "We're treating it as a new IP with a new approach. We're reinventing it."

EA has "half a dozen" original IPs in development

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