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EA details plans for the Apex Legends Global Series Championship

The main event will take place in June and will feature a $1million prize pool.

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EA has recently revealed the plans for the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series that is set to conclude this weekend with the Winter Circuit Playoffs. The event that will be split over March 27 and 28, will also see the distribution of the final $503,000 of the prize pool, before all eyes are focused on the Championship and its $1million prize.

The Global Series regional finals that are set for this weekend will all be held online, although EA has stated that it is "monitoring local government and CDC guidelines" as to when it can return to live events.

As for the Championship, a last chance qualifier will be taking place between April 23-25, to add the remaining teams to the major event. Then, from June 1 to June 6, the Championship group stages will take effect before the main event, the finals, that is set for June 12-13.

As for how prizes will be distributed and what the exact broadcast times are in your region, you can be sure to find all of that information on the EA blog post linked above.

Apex Legends

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