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EA CEO Andrew Wilson cuts his salary in half

The decision to do so was down to shareholder complaints.

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The fact that salaries amongst the bosses at AAA developers are high is neither news nor a secret. It has also been criticised by many industry voices, notably Jim Sterling, who has not held back in his words when CEO salaries have skyrocketed while employees have been fired and/or made to work under difficult conditions. Now that the cost of living is skyrocketing, it is anything but popular among employees to see huge bonuses land in the pockets of executives like Bobby Kotick and Andrew Wilson, who make more money monthly than a developer will make in a lifetime.

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, who this year qualified as the 16th most overpaid corporate executive, is now halving his annual salary, from $40 million to "only" $20 million. However, this is not a charity or a self-selected strategy to make things fairer, but simply the result of shareholder complaints about the excessive pay in the past. In response, EA promised last summer that they would make sweeping changes and this is apparently the solution. But, because there is always a but, even if his total salary with bonuses and other things is halved, the base salary is still increased.

But Wilson won't be alone in the Skid Row shelter. Even fellow industry member Kotick, in a nice second place in the list above, has also reduced his salary after all that has happened at Activision Blizzard in the past year. He will have to settle for a modest annual salary of $65,000. But if Blizzard continues to "behave", he will receive a bonus of more than $20 million this year, and from next year his salary will also go back to the original one, which in recent years has been $155 million - so it sounds like he will manage without starving.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson cuts his salary in half

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