EA buys the Super Mega Baseball developers

MLB The Show might get some competition soon.

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MLB The Show is getting even more attention than usual these days because MLB The Show 21 is the first game in the series on the new consoles and more specifically Xbox. Sony San Diego's baseball simulator has become known as the best in the industry, but that's without much competition. That might be changing soon.

EA has announced that it has bought Metalhead Software, the talented team behind the Super Mega Baseball games, and doesn't exactly try to hide the fact that it's to make the company's first baseball game in fourteen years. The deal includes the Super Mega Baseball IP, so chances are Metalhead will continue to focus on an arcade-like experience, but we'll see if that changes if EA thinks simulation is the way to go. Either way, competition is always good.

This isn't the first acquisition EA Sports has made this year, as the giant also purchased the racing experts at Codemasters a few months ago, as well as announcing its return college football back in February and golf with EA Sports PGA Tour in March, so we'll definitely get a lot of sports games in the coming years. Hopefully it won't just be quantity, but quality as well.

EA buys the Super Mega Baseball developers

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