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EA breaks down FIFA 20's Volta Mode

From customisation to the various match types, we've got all of the details on the new way to play football on the street.

EA Sports has provided detailed Pitch Notes on Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and Pro Clubs for FIFA 20 ahead of release next month, and now it's perhaps the most exciting feature that's received Pitch Notes, the new Volta mode reminiscent of something like FIFA Street.

That said, EA makes clear that this is not "FIFA Street or Indoor from years past. It's street football built upon the foundation of our Frostbite Engine for the first time". Variety is a key goal here, and there are simplified rules like no subs, offsides, injuries, cards, or fatigue. There are multiple match types as well, including Rush Keepers - played in 3v3 and 4v4 where you have no keepers and a small goal - as well as Street with keepers, played in 4v4 and featuring Futsal-sized goals. Futsal, however, is 5v5 and has authentic rules, referees, and more structure.

You can play with or without walls, and most stadiums give variety of choice. As you can imagine, walls affect the ways you can play and some of the match rules, and you can even choose between small, medium, and large pitches.

In terms of rules, small-sided matches provided three-minute halves, with the timer only going down when the ball is in play, and there's extra-time of one minute per half. Street match types have more lenient rules though, with fouls meaning the play restarts as close as possible to the foul. There are no free kicks though, and if the ball goes out of play over the wall, it restarts with the keeper or a player close to the goal. Kick-ins and corner kicks happen when there are no walls.

Next goal wins is a situation that happens in rush matches, whenever a draw happens, and any mode with keepers allows for penalties, corner kicks, and shootouts. Golden goal is the system in play during extra time in these types of matches, but Futsal is the only mode with direct free kicks, being played on a large pitch with a keeper and no walls.

Accumulated Fouls is another system in Futsal, with the sixth foul resulting in a penalty kick, and each foul after that doing the same. These reset each half, except for extra time. What's more is that last-second goals can happen if the ball goes into the net after the time expires, but the kick was taken before the timer ran out.


We can expect new gameplay features as well, like authentic position and rotations based on feedback from street players, and movement is more "free-flowing", meaning you can contribute in any area of the pitch. Players can choose between Balanced, Attacking, and Defensive, except this doesn't change the formation. There are rapid cuts in Street and Futsal games too, and few scenes between plays.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the ball has a different size and weight than regular FIFA, rolling and bounce more than you'd expect. This means soft and hard walls have different impacts - with the latter providing more bounce to the ball, while the former cushions it and slows it down - and players even interact with the wall in terms of animations like bracing against it or jumping off it. The wall can even be used for the Pass and Go mechanic seen in the full game, acting as a teammate would in 11v11.

Shooting has been tweaked as well, with the ball generally staying closer to the ground, and shots require far less power to reach the goal. Shots can happen anywhere, with a similar level of assistance, although shooting without keepers is almost fully manual.

Skill moves can be performed more easily in Volta too, using most of the 11v11 skills, although Simple Skill Moves are performed based on just the pad angle and player skill rating. All you have to do is L2+R2 + LS (direction) on PS4, or LT+RT + LS (direction) on Xbox One. Simple flicks are coming in as well using R3 plus the left stick in any direction, and for more details on the skill moves check out the full Pitch Notes, including the fact that players contextually perform flair passes, lobs, and shots at the right moments if they have the appropriate skills.


Volta Kick Off is one of the ways to play, using real players from the world of football, although the starting lineup and formation will be randomised depending on the mode chosen. House Rules can be used here too, like No Rules and first to X.

Customisation is a big feature as well though, and female players are also included in create-a-player, who can be taken to Volta as well. This includes clothing, celebrations, hairstyles, tattoos, and more, and you can see some examples of this down below.

The Volta Shop will help you with this, letting you unlock all kinds of customisation options, with regular refreshes of items available for a limited time. All items in this shop have a tiered rarity system and many are grouped into ladders of ascending prestige. You can unlock the best items through gameplay by completing objectives or using Volta Coins earned by completing matches.


With The Journey over, Volta Story is coming in to deliver a narrative around your custom avatar, playing against various teams and players. You'll need to build a squad to try and compete at the Volta World Championships in Buenos Aires, and here you can recruit teammates, build a squad, travel to various environments, and more.

Volta Tour, however, is a mode where the teams you encounter are built through the community, and you can build up your own side by playing matches in single-player against community-made squads. After each win you can recruit a player from the other team, and all of the locations below are included:

Parking Lot
Rio de Janeiro
New York
Buenos Aires
Cape Town
Los Angeles
Mexico City

In each location there's a tournament structure, these being Traditional Knock-Out, Win-Streak, and Progressive, where you can attempt a given match as many times as possible to progress. 3v3 Rush, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, and Futsal are the match types on offer, and in Volta World you can expect to recruit better and better players, as well as street football legends, all of which feed into a squad management screen.


Then there's the Volta League, which works similarly to Online Seasons, meaning you can play PvP with others. Squad management and formations are important here, and as your squad rating progresses you can face harder opponents. Team chemistry is also important too, as it is in Ultimate Team, and this increases by placing players in preferred positions and making sure they prefer the formation they're playing in. What's more is that there are even more benefits depending on how many players are from the same home court, with each boosting attributes in different ways.

Your avatar also grows their attributes too, via a skill tree based on defence, midfield, and attack. Completing certain paths also lets you unlock specific titles, showcasing your speciality, and you can reset your skills at any time to specialise elsewhere.


This is just a taste of what's coming in the final product, and more details like gifs of gameplay, specific skill moves, and titles can be found in the full Pitch Notes.

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