Medal of Honor: Warfighter

EA blames Danger Close

Didn't have the quality of leadership.

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It would seem EA brass have reached the third phase of who to blame for the shortcomings of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. At first they blamed an overly negative press reviews (internal tests pointed to higher quality), then it was apparently gamers who didn't quite "get it", and now finally it seems EA brass are putting the blame firmly on Danger Close and specifically those in positions of leadership at the studio.

Speaking with Game Informer, chief creative director Rich Hilleman had the following to say:

"I think a key part of this is having the right amount of high-quality production talent. And we didn't have the quality of leadership we needed to make [Medal of Honor] great."

There were rumours last fall that executive producer / studio head Greg Goodrich had been fired in the months leading up to the release of the game. Nothing is confirmed at this point, but don't be surprised if someone else is in charge of Danger Close Games the next time you hear about them.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

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