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EA are readying another remake as part of their mysterious quartet

A major IP entry, a partner title, another sports game and a new remake other than Dead Space's.

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Electronic Arts have just announced their parting of the ways with FIFA and the future launch of EA Sports FC. However, this is not the only news related to the giant publisher, as they have also offered a preview of their game catalogue for the new financial year. The company is planning to release no fewer than nine titles before the 31st of March of 2023, four of which are an absolute mystery.

We will have F1 22 in July, followed by the releases of FIFA 23 and Madden NFL in the upcoming quarter. By the end of 2022, the company is planning to launch the new Need For Speed, which had been paused to aid in the development of BF2042, and the continuation of the NHL series. The most interesting part comes in the first quarter of 2023 (the last quarter of FY23).

EA are readying another remake as part of their mysterious quartet

Why? Because, in addition to the new PGA Tour, the company comes with four more unknown titles. We know Dead Space Remake will be released next year, but it looks like it's coming as of April 2023, as there is another unannounced remake expected for the first quarter of 2023.

Even though it still remains unknown, it wouldn't be surprising to see it announced in the upcoming Summer Game Fest next month. This will come together with a new work by EA partners -which will most likely be Star Wars Jedi 2- besides a major IP and another sports game.

What do EA's future developments hold? We have a whole year to find out!

EA are readying another remake as part of their mysterious quartet

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