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E3 2019 will take place from June 11-13

70,000 people attended this year's expo.

E3 is without a doubt the most anticipated event in the world of gaming. According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the organisation that coordinates the event, 69,200 people attended the 2018 show, while millions followed the conferences online. This year, nearly 200 exhibitors gathered there: a first for almost half of them.

For ESA President and CEO Michael D. Gallagher, E3 is an indicator which shows the importance of video games in today's society, and this year's showing was no different:

"E3 2018 reinforced the cultural prominence of video games for a global audience. Congratulations to our innovative exhibitors, members, and partners and to the millions of gamers who celebrated a spectacular E3 with us."

The dates for the 2019 edition of E3 were also revealed. Next year, this expo will take place from June 11-13, once again at the Los Angeles Convention Center. All you have to do is buy your tickets!

What did you think of E3 this year?