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E3 2015: What you won't see in Los Angeles

Nine games you likely won't see at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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Here's a list of you most likely won't see at E3 this year. We kind of like to see everything on the list so we certainly hope we're wrong on a couple of counts.

1. Shenmue III

It's been more than a decade since Shenmue II, but Sega fans don't give up easily. Yu Suzuki has expressed interest in finishing his epic saga, but the question is what studio would develop it, and perhaps even more importantly who would bankroll it? In spite of having a cult following Shenmue was never a big seller, and if the concept is brought forward to the standards we hold open world adventure to today it needs a budget that would be almost impossible to recoup for any investor. Unless it is brought back in a less ambitious form, there's simply no way for Shenmue to return.

E3 2015: What you won't see in Los Angeles

2. Silent Hills

Hearts were broken when it was revealed that the planned collaboration between Kojima Productions and Guillermo del Toro fell apart as a result of Hideo Kojima and parent company Konami having their differences (that most likely will see Kojima jumping ship once MGSV is out the door). Given the popularity of the demo version "P.T." it is only natural that rumours of a ressurrection make the rounds, but it seems highly unlikely. Konami haven't given up on the brand, but right now we don't expect to see any Silent Hill-related announcements.

E3 2015: What you won't see in Los Angeles

3. The Last Guardian

We pray we're wrong about this, but odds are in favour of The Last Guardian not being shown at the show. It is allegedly still in development, but with this many years since its last showing we don't know if it's part damage control, if it has been completely rebooted or if it is being saved for PS5. Probably not the latter, but who knows at this point?

E3 2015: What you won't see in Los Angeles

4. Beyond Good & Evil 2

It is in development. And while Michel Ancel has departed from Ubisoft he's allegedly still involved with the project. But given the number of times it has been teased, one has to wonder if it will ever be realised. If it's not shown at this year's Ubisoft press conference chances are it has been put on hold (again). We certainly hope we're wrong about this one as it would round out Ubisoft's line-up nicely.

E3 2015: What you won't see in Los Angeles

5. Perfect Dark 2

While there are rumours of Rare revivals ahead of E3 we think evidence points towards Battletoads rather than Perfect Dark. Perhaps it was the property Microsoft were most keen on when they bought Rare, but after Perfect Dark Zero (and its infamous Wallguy) it's only been used to provide us with a re-release on Xbox Live Arcade. We're not sure if Rare still have the first person chops to deliver a new Perfect Dark and who else could Microsoft commision for the job? Nah, we likely won't see Joanna Dark return anytime soon.

E3 2015: What you won't see in Los Angeles

6. Half-Life 3

With Valve not having a presence at E3 this year, it's a safe bet we won't see Gordon Freeman. Give Valve's focus on VR and hardware it's peculiar they're not using what would be a killer app to promote it, but Half-Life 3 is one of those projects that we won't see until its creators are completely happy with the concept. And if you think we'll see Half-Life 3 at the Microsoft or Sony conference... well, you're clearly delusional.

E3 2015: What you won't see in Los Angeles

7. Wipeout

When Sony closed down the fairly small Liverpool Studios it was a statement. "We don't believe in Wipeout anymore." While a Wipeout for PS4 feels like a no brainer to any gamer, the problems that Sony have had selling copies of the series that once helped define the original PlayStation tell us that we won't see any new Wipeout anytime soon. Hopefully Nintendo shocks us with a new F-Zero, but we don't expect that either given it skipped the Wii generation. It would seem futuristic racers are a thing of the past.

E3 2015: What you won't see in Los Angeles

8. Borderlands 3

It's simply too soon, even if it's in development. Gearbox will focus their efforts and marketing spiel towards Battleborn.

9. Who joins The Legend of Zelda on the sidelines?

Games we have seen before that won't be making an appearance in Los Angeles... Nintendo have already stated the new Legend of Zelda won't be there. We have a sneaking suspicion Scalebound could fall into the same category along with Dead Island 2. The new Mass Effect haven't been properly named or shown, but could well skip over E3 as EA prefer Star Wars as the sci-fi flavour of the show. We haven't heard of Wild since its announcement at Gamescom, maybe it will skip E3 as Sony focus on games closer to release and fresh announcements.

E3 2015: What you won't see in Los Angeles

10. Duke Nukem Forever

Oh, wait. Nevermind.

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