Dynasty Warriors Origins

Dynasty Warriors Origins announced for PlayStation 5

It will be debuting on PC and console(s?) next year.

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One of the games announced during the ongoing PlayStation stream was Dynasty Warriors Origins, which was rumoured to be shown beforehand. Omega Force is in charge of development with Koei Tecmo as publisher. It looks like it's going to be more of the kind of gameplay fans love with a release for PC and PlayStation 5 next year (there may be more formats, of course, but not confirmed yet).

Omega Force also has a little twist this time, as the story will be told in a way it never have been before. They explain the concept on the PlayStation Blog:

"But that's not all, as for the first time in Dynasty Warriors franchise history, we will depict the chaos of the Three Kingdoms from the eyes of a 'nameless hero'. Play through the historical tale of war through the eyes of our new protagonist, showcasing the vast land of China and its timeless soldiers and generals like never before!"

Check out the first trailer below.

Dynasty Warriors Origins

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