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Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9: Helpful Tips and Tricks

And a trophy guide for those completionists out there.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 is the latest instalment in the action-packed Dynasty Warriors saga, and with the switch to open world and tons of characters available to choose from (each with their own story), we figured you could use a guide to help you out. We've compiled just one such guide to aid your quest, including useful tips, trophies, and much more, so if you're a bit daunted by the world Omega Force and Koei Tecmo have laid out, be sure to check this out.

Summary of Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 is the ninth mainline instalment of Koei Tecmo's action series, Dynasty Warriors, and is the eighth mainline entry that features the 1 vs 1000 (known also as Musou) gameplay. The first Dynasty Warriors title was a fighting game, but since Dynasty Warriors 2 the series has had the same style of gameplay where players pick a character and fight enemy officers and hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers with flashy, over the top combat. Each instalment since then has improved upon the much-loved formula in some way. Dynasty Warriors 9 is no different, but developer Omega Force has come out of its comfort zone and has made a big change to Dynasty Warriors, as this is open world.

Yes, gone are the levels and medium-sized maps where battles took place, as now every battle happens in Dynasty Warriors 9's massive open world. The 1 vs 1000 gameplay returns though, which should please fans, as has the setting of China. Dynasty Warriors is set in the Three Kingdoms Era of China and is loosely based on the Records of the Three Kingdoms, featuring the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin, each kingdom having their own goals and playable characters, a load of which are available in this entry.

Tips and Tricks (Guide)

Language Dub

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There are three language dubs available in Dynasty Warriors 9 - Japanese, English, and (for the first time in the series' history) Chinese. It's all down to preference of course, but we think that the Chinese dub is quite good, and probably a touch more immersive considering the setting of the game. The language can be changed in the language section of the game's options, so don't worry if you don't like your choice, but it's worth considering those that aren't English.

The Combat System

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In this game the usual combat mechanics are present and accounted for, so existing Dynasty Warriors fans don't have to worry. On PS4 Square is to attack, triangle is for strong attack, and Musou Attacks are performed by pressing circle. Aerial Musou Attacks are also present in Dynasty Warriors 9, and to perform these all you have to do is press circle in the air when the Spirit bar (Musou bar) is full.

There are some changes to the combat system this time around though. Gone is the affinity system, gone is the weapon swapping, and in comes a whole new system: Trigger Attacks. Each one of these new attacks has a different use, and these can send enemies flying in the air so you can juggle them, stun, or change their status. Trigger Attacks can also be charged to increase damage, and these add a layer of depth to the combat, making it even easier to keep a combo going. To use Trigger Attacks, you simply need to hold R1 and press the corresponding button prompt on the screen.

Each character has a unique special attack too, which can be used by holding R1 and pressing circle. Whilst doing a special attack you are temporarily invincible, but these have cool downs and as such cannot be used repeatedly. There are also Reactive Attacks, which are used when a triangle prompt pops up on the screen, and these allow you to react to the situation at hand, such as countering enemies, breaking through an enemy's guard, finishing an officer off, and more.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Unlocking Characters

The already huge roster of playable characters in Dynasty Warriors gets even bigger in Dynasty Warriors 9, as there's now a whopping total of 90 playable characters, so you have plenty to choose from. However, not every character is unlocked from the beginning, as you only get three characters at the start. Now, we know that this sounds daunting, but fortunately unlocking characters in Dynasty Warriors 9 is easy.

When you select story mode for the first time you'll notice that there are silhouettes of characters on the rows below. Each row is a new chapter and by completing main missions within them, or the chapter as a whole, you'll unlock the characters within these silhouettes. There are 13 chapters and all 13 need to be completed in order for every character to be unlocked, so it's just a case of playing to make them all available.

Unlocking Mounts (Horses)

As well as being available for purchase at stables, horses are unlocked as you progress through the story, but there are two horses that have a specific requirement in order for them to be unlocked. Shadow Runner (Cao Cao's horse), for instance, is unlocked by completing Cao Cao's story, which is pretty straightforward.

Dynasty Warriors 9


Hideaways act like a home for your character and you're introduced to them early on in the game. They cost 30,000 gold (which is a fair chunk of change) but money can be earned quickly by doing missions and requests, so it's not as bad as it first appears, especially since you can sell your stuff too.

You can decorate your hideaways with furniture which can be bought at Traders, and these can range from tables, chairs, beds, flags, curtains, and much more. This isn't all just cosmetic though, as a stove can cook food; a pot will allow you to craft weapons, gems, and accessories; a bed will allow you to sleep and advance time; a wardrobe will allow you to change costume; a basket will allow you receive items from officers you befriend; a desk will allow you to send letters to officers, inviting them to your hideaway; and there are even musical instruments that let you change the music that's played at your hideout.

Dynasty Warriors 9

The Great Wall of China

The world of Dynasty Warriors 9 features landmarks, as you'd expect considering the size of it, and these are beautiful and iconic places that have been recreated in-game. We would imagine the landmark that players will want to see the most is The Great Wall of China, so don't worry, we've got you covered.

The Great Wall of China is at the very north of the map and, yes, you can walk across it (it'll take you a while though). It can be spotted on the map thanks to the bold line that stretches across a large distance, and it's a scenic spot with a stone on it that, when activated, will get you a large amount of XP.

There's also a second part of the Great Wall in the North West section of the map, which counts as a scenic spot too, with its own stone granting a large amount of XP. The third part of the wall, however, in the far west of the map, doesn't count as a scenic spot.

As a warning, enemies around the vicinity of the Great Wall are high level, ranging between 40-55, so it's worth being careful, especially since some of these can dish out serious damage. Basically, if you're planning a trip to The Great Wall of China just make sure that you're a high enough level and have a good weapon just in case you need to fight. Tourists are certainly not welcome.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 Trophies & Trophy Guide.

True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms - (Platinum)

Obtained all of the trophies in the game. Self-explanatory, as this requires you to get all of the trophies for Dynasty Warriors 9.

Flowers Amidst the Chaos - (Gold)

Unlocked all of the officers. To unlock all officers, you have to complete all 13 chapters of story mode.

The Pinnacle of Might - (Gold)

Earned a total of 100,000 K.O.s. K.O.s carry over with each character so don't worry about getting 100,000 K.O.s with one character. Unfortunately there's no way to view the overall amount of K.O.s you have so you'll just have to keep defeating enemies until the trophy unlocks.

Veteran Master - (Silver)

Raised an officer to the highest level. This trophy will take some time and you'll have to use a character in free mode in order to get this trophy, as you won't get it in story mode unless you do a lot of grinding for XP. The max level for officers is 100. Raise one character's level up to 100 and the trophy will unlock.

Unrivalled Warrior - (Silver)

Raised an officer's Attack to 900. This can be easily obtained once you acquire a character's Epic EX weapon. Once you acquire said weapon, just level up and use your upgrade points on your attack stat until it reaches 900.

Winged Equine - (Silver)

Raised a horse to the highest level. A time-consuming trophy, since the max level for a horse is 100. Buy a horse from the stables and stick with it until it reaches level 100. You will get it as you travel to missions and different locations around the world.

Golden Palace - (Silver)

Earned a total of 90,000 gold. As the title says, earn 90,000 gold and the trophy should pop, and it's worth noting we earned the trophy when had a cumulative total of 90,000.

The Ties that Bind Us - (Silver)

Formed a bond at the maximum level with 20 officers. At the time of writing this guide we do not yet have this trophy but we have a good idea how to obtain it. See trophy - Sworn Friends.
Repeat process as mentioned in the information about the Sworn Friends trophy 20 times with different characters and the trophy should unlock. There's nothing to suggest that you have to form bonds with 20 characters with only one character. We think that the number of officers who you have formed bonds does indeed carry over with each character you play as. If you do want to be extra cautious with this trophy then go for it with just one character. The best way to do this is to pick a character you like and then do several chapters in free mode, but focus on forming bonds with characters. This will be one of the last trophies you will unlock.

Thronged with Visitors - (Silver)

Obtained 10 hideaways. As the description says, obtain 10 hideaways, which cost 30,000 gold each. Gold can be earned by doing missions and requests.

Legend of Wei - (Silver)

Completed the story of Wei. Pick a character from the Wei kingdom and complete their story. The trophy should pop as the credits roll.

Legend of Wu - (Silver)

Completed the story of Wu. Pick a character from the Wu kingdom and complete their story. The trophy should pop as the credits roll.

Legend of Shu - (Silver)

Completed the story of Shu. Pick a character from the Shu kingdom and complete their story. The trophy should pop as the credits roll.

Legend of Jin - (Silver)

Completed the story of Jin. Pick a character from the Jin kingdom and complete their story. The trophy should pop as the credits roll.

Storyteller - (Silver)

Completed the stories of the kingdoms other than Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin. Pick a character from "Other" and complete their story. The trophy should pop as the credits roll.

Master of the Hunt - (Silver)

Earned a total of 5,000 Hunting Points. In order to find out how many hunting points you have, visit the Dilettante and your hunting points will be in the top right corner by a deer antler symbol. You obtain hunting points by defeating animals in the wild, and to do this you can use bow or your melee weapon. Keep defeating animals and the trophy will eventually pop. As a tip, strong enemies are sometimes animals and these reward you with more hunting points when you defeat them, thus reducing the time it takes to obtain this trophy. Strong enemies appear in more remote areas and at night, and you can find some near the Great Wall.

A Gathering of Heroes - (Bronze)

Unlocked 45 officers. You'll unlock 45 officers as you progress the story mode. Just play through each chapter and the trophy will eventually unlock.

Extensive Knowledge - (Silver)

Unlocked all battle entries in the Encyclopaedia. At the time of writing this guide we do not yet have this trophy but we have an idea of how to obtain it. In order to unlock this trophy you have to have all battle entries in the Encyclopaedia. In order to do this, you must complete every chapter. This will be one of the last trophies you will unlock.

Wanderlust - (Silver)

Discovered 75% of the locations in the game. For this one you will have to go out of your way unlike the other location discovery trophy - Traveller. Go to watchtowers and waymarks to highlight more locations for you to visit. Going to these will greatly increase the speed of discovering new locations. Places you haven't been are greyed out, and places you have visited will be highlighted in green. It's a time-consuming trophy but keep visiting locations until the trophy unlocks. Don't worry about not finding 75% locations with a single character as they carry over with each character.

Helter-Skelter - (Bronze)

Completed a mission within a minute. This is easily doable, as you can do this in the first chapter. One of the first missions you get can be done within a minute. If you don't do it in the first mission then you will definitely get it as you progress through the story.

One Warrior vs. a Thousand - (Bronze)

Defeated 1,000 enemies in a single battle. Easily obtainable in the first chapter, "The Yellow Turban Rebellion". K.O. 1,000 enemies in a single battle and the trophy will pop.

Equestrian - (Bronze)

Defeated 1,000 enemies while mounted in a horse. As the trophy description says, just defeat enemies while on horseback. This isn't as tedious as the Sun Piercer trophy and it will more than likely unlock without you realising you have hit the requirement.

Sun Piercer - (Silver)

Defeated 1,000 enemies with bow attacks. This trophy is time-consuming, as you need to use your bow to defeat 1,000 enemies. Because your bow doesn't defeat most enemies with one hit, you'll be working toward this trophy for a while. The overall number of K.O.s carry over with each character which is helpful and alleviates some of the tediousness.

Sure Shot - (Bronze)

Defeated 100 enemies with bow attacks. A simple trophy, requiring you to use your bow to defeat 100 enemies. To use your bow, press down on the d-pad and then press square to fire an arrow.

Sword Brandisher- (Bronze)

Defeated 100 enemies with assault attacks. Assault attacks are when you press triangle near some enemies as you rush towards them and attack. You'll get this trophy as you progress through the game and you will more than likely get it without even trying.

Vandal - (Silver)

Destroyed 100 structures. This is an easy trophy to get, as when you take over enemy bases that base's treasure will become visible in the form of boxes. Smash 100 of them and the trophy is yours.

Storm and Stress - (Bronze)

Achieved a 1,000 hit combo, An easy trophy and you'll more than likely get this without trying.
Musou attacks are the best way to get a hit combo, and good characters to use are Gan Ning, Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Zhao Yun, and Zhuge Liang. These are characters that have very powerful Musou and are very easy to get this trophy with, but it can be obtained with any character as long as there are plenty of enemies nearby.

Like a Bird - (Bronze)

Juggled an enemy in the air for 5 seconds. With powerful Musou attacks this shouldn't be a problem. We also got this by climbing up the Mt. Song scenic spot and jumping off the top. On our way down the trophy popped.

Smasher - (Bronze)

Defeated a powerful enemy. Powerful or "Strong" enemies are located in forest or mountain areas and are high level. These enemies can do a large amount of damage to you if you're not careful. Strong enemies are identified by their name being in orange and they will have a symbol that resembles a horned helmet by the enemy name. If you're stocked up with items, you will make short work of these enemies. The same applies if you have your chosen character's Epic level weapon. These enemies give you more XP than others and drop good loot, and for this trophy you just need to defeat one of them.

Traveller - (Bronze)

Discovered 35% of the locations in the game. This will come naturally as you progress through the game.

Interior Decorator - (Bronze)

Obtained 10 pieces of furniture. Traders sell pieces of furniture and range from 1,000 gold to 15,000 gold. Buy 10 pieces of furniture and the trophy will unlock.

Collector - (Bronze)

Obtained 20 gems. The trophy description is somewhat incorrect, as you don't need 20 gems for this trophy, you need 20 different kinds of gems. Gems can be bought and crafted, and you can also get scrolls for gems so you can craft them. You'll get this trophy as you progress through the game, and gems carry over with each character you play as, so don't worry about getting 20 different gems with one character.

A Brush with Expertise - (Bronze)

Obtained a High-class weapon. A high-class weapon is a weapon that is Epic level, and in order to get Epic weapons you need a specific kind of currency - Antique Coins - that can be earned from strong enemies or from trading your hunter points with the Dilettante. You have to have enough of the specific Antique Coin to purchase three scrolls as you need three scrolls of the same weapon to complete the set in order to craft it. Once you have got all three scrolls of the Epic level weapon you desire, head to the blacksmith and craft the weapon. As soon as you craft the weapon the trophy will unlock.

Master of the Martial Arts - (Bronze)

Obtained 30 weapons. You'll get this as you progress through the story, as you can buy or craft weapons. Simply buy and/or craft 30 weapons and the trophy is yours. Weapons carry over with each character too.

Nimble Fingers - (Bronze)

Performed synthesis 100 times. Even though the trophy description says synthesis, it means crafting. Craft 100 items (crafting items such as Vitality Powder multiple times do count towards the trophy) and the trophy will unlock. You can craft items, accessories, weapons, and gems. The number of items you have crafted carries over with each character.

Sworn Friends - (Bronze)

Formed a bond at the maximum level with another officer. In order to form a bond with a character you must talk to them in a city, and once you have talked to them you're able to invite them to your hideaway. To invite officers to your hideaway, you have to go to the desk and from there you'll be able to send letters to officers. Once you send the letter the officer will make his or her way to your hideaway. You must then talk to the officer until you have exhausted all lines of dialogue. You have to talk to officers three times (send letters to them three times and talk to them until they repeat themselves) and the trophy will unlock. To track how far your bond with an officer is, go to the desk and look at the officer's image. Underneath the officer there is a bar that should be a number that is out of 100, and if the bar is full that means you have formed a bond at the maximum level with an officer.

Hideaway - (Bronze)

Obtained a hideaway. An easy trophy, as you're introduced to hideaways in a side mission early on in the game. Hideaways cost 30,000 gold so make sure you have enough money before you buy one.

Epicure - (Bronze)

Ate 100 meals. As the title says, eat 100 meals and the trophy will pop. The amount of meals eaten carries over with each character.

Fisher - (Bronze)

Caught 30 items whilst fishing. Go fishing with a character 30 times. It doesn't matter which bait you use as long as you fish and are successful.

Steady Worker - (Bronze)

Obtained 30 items by using box traps. You're introduced to box traps early in the game, and these can be bought and crafted. There are three different sizes (although box size doesn't matter for the trophy), and once you place a box down you should get some treasure after waiting some time (usually after completing a mission or two or by advancing time at the Tea Master or your bed in your Hideaway). Do this 30 times and the trophy will unlock. We obtained this trophy by using box traps 30 times with a single character. We would imagine that the number of items obtained by using box traps carries over.

As a tip, make sure you have 30 box traps (regardless of size) and place all of them around one of your hideaways. After placing them all down, fast travel to a mission and complete it (sometimes you may have to do two or three). Look at the map and if the box trap symbols are yellow that means they have treasure. Fast travel back to your hideaway and all the treasures shall pop and on the last treasure you'll get the trophy.

Sightseer - (Bronze)

Discovered a scenic area. Scenic areas are identified by a symbol that resembles a hill with a line going through it. You can find these by exploring the world, and to speed up finding one, go to a watchtower or a waymark and more often than not a scenic spot will then be displayed on the map. Go to the scenic spot, interact with the stone and then the trophy will unlock.

Traces of a Hero - (Bronze)

Completed a story. An easy trophy, as all you have to do is pick any character and complete their story. The trophy will pop as the credits roll.

End of an Era - (Bronze)

Completed a key mission. Unmissable. You will unlock the trophy by the end of the first chapter.

New Allies - (Bronze)

Unlocked an officer. An easy trophy to get. Select story mode. Pick a character and as you progress through the story you will unlock a character.

Graduation Day - (Bronze)

Completed the tutorial for one of the kingdoms. Simply do the first few missions for your first character you choose to play as.


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