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Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9: Helpful Tips and Tricks

And a trophy guide for those completionists out there.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 is the latest instalment in the action-packed Dynasty Warriors saga, and with the switch to open world and tons of characters available to choose from (each with their own story), we figured you could use a guide to help you out. We've compiled just one such guide to aid your quest, including useful tips, trophies, and much more, so if you're a bit daunted by the world Omega Force and Koei Tecmo have laid out, be sure to check this out.

Summary of Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 is the ninth mainline instalment of Koei Tecmo's action series, Dynasty Warriors, and is the eighth mainline entry that features the 1 vs 1000 (known also as Musou) gameplay. The first Dynasty Warriors title was a fighting game, but since Dynasty Warriors 2 the series has had the same style of gameplay where players pick a character and fight enemy officers and hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers with flashy, over the top combat. Each instalment since then has improved upon the much-loved formula in some way. Dynasty Warriors 9 is no different, but developer Omega Force has come out of its comfort zone and has made a big change to Dynasty Warriors, as this is open world.

Yes, gone are the levels and medium-sized maps where battles took place, as now every battle happens in Dynasty Warriors 9's massive open world. The 1 vs 1000 gameplay returns though, which should please fans, as has the setting of China. Dynasty Warriors is set in the Three Kingdoms Era of China and is loosely based on the Records of the Three Kingdoms, featuring the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin, each kingdom having their own goals and playable characters, a load of which are available in this entry.

Tips and Tricks (Guide)

Language Dub

There are three language dubs available in Dynasty Warriors 9 - Japanese, English, and (for the first time in the series' history) Chinese. It's all down to preference of course, but we think that the Chinese dub is quite good, and probably a touch more immersive considering the setting of the game. The language can be changed in the language section of the game's options, so don't worry if you don't like your choice, but it's worth considering those that aren't English.

The Combat System

In this game the usual combat mechanics are present and accounted for, so existing Dynasty Warriors fans don't have to worry. On PS4 Square is to attack, triangle is for strong attack, and Musou Attacks are performed by pressing circle. Aerial Musou Attacks are also present in Dynasty Warriors 9, and to perform these all you have to do is press circle in the air when the Spirit bar (Musou bar) is full.

There are some changes to the combat system this time around though. Gone is the affinity system, gone is the weapon swapping, and in comes a whole new system: Trigger Attacks. Each one of these new attacks has a different use, and these can send enemies flying in the air so you can juggle them, stun, or change their status. Trigger Attacks can also be charged to increase damage, and these add a layer of depth to the combat, making it even easier to keep a combo going. To use Trigger Attacks, you simply need to hold R1 and press the corresponding button prompt on the screen.

Each character has a unique special attack too, which can be used by holding R1 and pressing circle. Whilst doing a special attack you are temporarily invincible, but these have cool downs and as such cannot be used repeatedly. There are also Reactive Attacks, which are used when a triangle prompt pops up on the screen, and these allow you to react to the situation at hand, such as countering enemies, breaking through an enemy's guard, finishing an officer off, and more.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Unlocking Characters

The already huge roster of playable characters in Dynasty Warriors gets even bigger in Dynasty Warriors 9, as there's now a whopping total of 90 playable characters, so you have plenty to choose from. However, not every character is unlocked from the beginning, as you only get three characters at the start. Now, we know that this sounds daunting, but fortunately unlocking characters in Dynasty Warriors 9 is easy.

When you select story mode for the first time you'll notice that there are silhouettes of characters on the rows below. Each row is a new chapter and by completing main missions within them, or the chapter as a whole, you'll unlock the characters within these silhouettes. There are 13 chapters and all 13 need to be completed in order for every character to be unlocked, so it's just a case of playing to make them all available.

Unlocking Mounts (Horses)

As well as being available for purchase at stables, horses are unlocked as you progress through the story, but there are two horses that have a specific requirement in order for them to be unlocked. Shadow Runner (Cao Cao's horse), for instance, is unlocked by completing Cao Cao's story, which is pretty straightforward.

Dynasty Warriors 9


Hideaways act like a home for your character and you're introduced to them early on in the game. They cost 30,000 gold (which is a fair chunk of change) but money can be earned quickly by doing missions and requests, so it's not as bad as it first appears, especially since you can sell your stuff too.

You can decorate your hideaways with furniture which can be bought at Traders, and these can range from tables, chairs, beds, flags, curtains, and much more. This isn't all just cosmetic though, as a stove can cook food; a pot will allow you to craft weapons, gems, and accessories; a bed will allow you to sleep and advance time; a wardrobe will allow you to change costume; a basket will allow you receive items from officers you befriend; a desk will allow you to send letters to officers, inviting them to your hideaway; and there are even musical instruments that let you change the music that's played at your hideout.

Dynasty Warriors 9

The Great Wall of China

The world of Dynasty Warriors 9 features landmarks, as you'd expect considering the size of it, and these are beautiful and iconic places that have been recreated in-game. We would imagine the landmark that players will want to see the most is The Great Wall of China, so don't worry, we've got you covered.

The Great Wall of China is at the very north of the map and, yes, you can walk across it (it'll take you a while though). It can be spotted on the map thanks to the bold line that stretches across a large distance, and it's a scenic spot with a stone on it that, when activated, will get you a large amount of XP.

There's also a second part of the Great Wall in the North West section of the map, which counts as a scenic spot too, with its own stone granting a large amount of XP. The third part of the wall, however, in the far west of the map, doesn't count as a scenic spot.

As a warning, enemies around the vicinity of the Great Wall are high level, ranging between 40-55, so it's worth being careful, especially since some of these can dish out serious damage. Basically, if you're planning a trip to The Great Wall of China just make sure that you're a high enough level and have a good weapon just in case you need to fight. Tourists are certainly not welcome.

Dynasty Warriors 9