Dying Light

Dying Light's Super-Crane event launches for Halloween

It's already started, and runs until November 1.

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We've heard about so many Halloween events recently, and Techland has today unveiled details of an event for Dying Light called The Outstanding Super-Crane, which runs from now until November 1 at 07:30 BST.

The event coincides with the launch of Content Drop #1 for the game, and encourages fans to use the grappling hook to swing between buildings without a cooldown period (this will only be available for a limited time), as well as increased grappling range and easier finishers by pulling enemies in.

A global kill target of 10 million enemies with fall damage has also been set, to win a Bounty Skin Pack, and there's an individual goal of catching 5,000 enemies with the grappling hook for a gold-tier weapon.

Steam and Gemly sales are also now on for the game, as well as sales for the console versions too. The Halloween Nightmare Pack also has an exclusive shotgun skin, a new poison weapon called Rusty Spine, and a mysterious third item, but this is only available via Gemly.

Can you achieve the goal of 5,000 caught enemies?

Dying Light

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