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Dying Light

Dying Light's free DLC run continues

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Recently Techland, the developer and publisher of zombie game Dying Light, announced Bad Blood, an upcoming standalone expansion which mixes PvP and PvE gameplay for violent and dynamic online matches, and today they've also announced that the Gun Silencer is now available. It comes as a part of their year-long commitment to release ten free DLC packs in the ever-evolving Dying Light universe, and the new free content drop is 100% community-inspired.

The Gun Silencer allows players to stealthily take down zombies, introducing a new tactical gameplay style, and it can be used with both the German and the American 9mm pistols. It gives the player an useful edge, especially during the night, as it'll help them avoid attracting virals. It doesn't break, but it does require a special kind of ammo, and the blueprints can be collected at the quartermasters after updating the game.

For more info, check out the trailer below, and stay tuned for more, as we're promised to get a Holiday event in the coming days. Will you be using the stealthy silencer?

Dying Light

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